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Friday, August 9, 2013

How A Cookie Vendor Played My Life

SOSOSOSOSOSO i go to Hot and Crusty to get a 1/4lb of amazingly delicious chocolate chunk mini cookies and one almond butter milk something or the other cookie which was also delicious (notice how I say was and this just happened like 3 mins ago)- >_> see im fat- but yea I go to get the cookies he puts them in the bag and the girl runs my card through and the receipt starts to print and stops...she expresses frustration and then takes my card to another register naturally im concerned because the receipt started to print already and there was some drama with the receipt tape so as far as i know a receipt prints after you have been charged so naturally my reaction to this was... so am i being charged twice?  to which the smug Indian man replied "She is gonna go get yo a receipt, if any problems just come back we are here, its only $3.50 ma'am not $350.00, its not a big problem"... but uh ruh my first receipt that failed to completely print... I never saw it... so for all i know it could be 350.00 

LMAOO The African Got Rich! This is funny!