Monday, January 24, 2011

Who Dat Iz

My Baby Daddy!

That's just my baby Daddy! 


Good Morning

HEE HAWW!!!  Its mundey mernin! Whose ready for the week?? Not I said the smart ppl.  Ugh has anyon eseen that documentary Beautiful Losers that documentary is soo cute.  I like it a lot welll people today I'm having cream of wheat nectarines and tea for breakfast and yes it is delicous :D

Good dey to ya n gud week

God Bless America ..and No Place Else lmbao!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bout to Eat Sum Taco Bell

Nom nom I will share if the new orange cream fruitista is the bomb :D woot woot

Junot Diaz Drown

Its been a sleepy Sunday I finished Drown by Junot Diaz this book was amazing and interestingly told the POV was very unique.  It covered the pressures men face and how hard the responsibility is as a man having to provide for his family.

This guy from the Domincan republic has to venture to America and as soon as he gets here he has to get a job and support himself knowing no english having no family and very little guidance from other Dominican immigrants. 

I love how the book first told u the story of the family from the childrens point if view portraying the father as mean and a womanizer, and careless and forgetting his family in the Dominican Republic, and then told u another story from the Father's side.  In the Father's story the burden stress and anxiety to do well is shared with the reader the reality of how difficult it is to come to America with no education no english and to do well enough to afford a family in NYC is tremendous. 

U see the world from the eyes of a twenty four year old kid alone in the world with no english and there's a family with theee children complaining to him and expecting him to do whatever he can to pay for their lifestyle in America.

Its crazy how the guy had to marry some woman he didn't love to get citizenship so that he could sponsor his wife and kids in the dominican republic in this sense he is a whore and is selling his body to benefit his family he isn't even attracted to this woman and his first wife calls him a womanizer and bereates him in letters and tells him he is no good ..its sad its a really really deep and sad and twisted story.

It presented an interesting though because we always see men as having freedom to work and do what they want and run around with women and we percieve it as a priviledge there's nothing privileged about having to marry an ugly fat person have children with her just to bring ur resentful, mean and uneducated, unhappy ungrateful wife and bad children to america, working all hard and no one cares about u and the ppl u r doing this all for out of duty don't even like u nevermind love u. DAMN! God bless all the men this happened to this is soooooo sad.

And boo on the women who blame their partner for their short comings get uhp off yo ass n do something for yourself! It goes both ways and everyone should have a strong work ethic.

This was a great book but ya don't have to take my word for it *levar burton voice*

And gwad bless da little hispanic girl on the train I saw reading this book

Welp ima prolly start Brave New World next :D

Beautiful Roses

Love em love em

This weeks flores :D

These r beautiful and they haven't opened yet woot woot!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Magical Morning

This morning was amazing :D The walk to the train station was str8 magical the snowflakes were huge and fluffy and dry not slushy and they tickled when they landed on my nose xD

I seriously was HAPPY to walk a mile in this snow it was soooo empowering and beautiful watching the snow shimmey left and right like falling paper.  It was soo cute like on some christmas special stuff hehe wow we need more snow like this :D

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm A Solider

Dayummmm I thought the snow was gunna be deeper than this and everything would be closed again today booooo!

Dear Snow,
Either go hard and shut stuff down or go home, cuz as it stands ur only making delays which makes me get uhp earlier to accommodate my day -___-

Uhm yea this weeks flores >_> well due to budget cutz the status of those is TBA however last weeks flores already went home to be with Jebus but I will post a pic of what they looked like lmbao!

Also this week in history:

Who was the first black person to utter the phrase "kiss my black ass!" ?

Whom ever it was, where ever they are ...Thank You ^_^ ya done good..ya done good for us all.


Yes this was all my letter to the snow...we go back (bad break up in 06 turned out he was snowing all over town, plus he was rele clingy during the winter months and as soon as the weather got warmer ya couldn't find him..I deserve someone who is there for me year round, we're totally cool now and we don't like to talk about it ..its just one of those things ya know

Friday, January 7, 2011

MYOB its...

#padow!  <<exclamation just for emphasis! And I don't sympathize cuz u a simple bitch *dead* Nicki Minaj is great


Messages in transit lmao

Strawberry Black Tea

Dats how we dooze it! :D gotta start the day off right.  Defin didn't feel like reading this morning I've re-discovered music and prefered to do that..but! The novelty of my re-discovery is wearing off so I will be back in num CHAPPTAHS *pastor voice*

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nom Nom Nom

Yepp lookin gooood lol

Meditation is Awesome

This whole meditation and deep sleep music and waterfall stuff really does work me like it me like it ....I must say tho with my rapid fire random thoughts meditation is difficult.  Lmao I be feelin like a bad child in church snigglin tryna focus lmao

Disgruntled Consumer

So I'm basically unimpressed with all products in general (save for deoderant, soap) everything doesn't work -_-

Nothing does what it says it will do.  Everything wears out quickly.  Nothing is new.  There is no such thing as novelty.  Everything has been done.  This could be stirred up from my phone not working and the replacement arriving broken -__-  w.e. caused it..for the most part its true.  Everything is an illusion.  *throws tantrum and wallows in floor*

Monday, January 3, 2011

I Cannot wait to get into this Book

This looks like one of those books I won't be able to put down until its finished lmao