Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Omg its Consuela from Family Guy in real life. O-o I ain't know she took da E *scratches head*

She's So Cute!

Omg! I'm gunna eat her!  She's so adorable and like Orvil Redenbacher!  #nom_nom_nom

Park Ave Palisades

So apparently Park ave runs all they way uhp to the palisades
#if _ya_dont_kno_now_ya_kno_nigga! *biggie voice*

75 Percent ON A Baby

This annoying Ass couple on the bus was rele tryna procreate damn!  they been nuzzlin for an hr #breathing space please ughhh.

Obnoxious PDA is never okay!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


omg this movie changed my life!!!!!

Girlhood is a great documentary about two girls moving through the juvenile justice system in East B More ...You must alredy know about my affinity for Bmore so already I loved this film lol. Bt real talk this film was awesome a twelve yr old who killed someone gets out of juvee goes to school graduates continues onto college and becomes a motivational speaker.

Another girl Megan who i personally think is an amazingly awesome person deals with drug addiction in her family and runs away from foster homes. Shanae was inspirational but Megan hit home, I hope shes a okay supposedly she is now married and has children. Kudos to her shes been trough so much.

I was really touched by how both girls rejected being brainwashed into judging other ppl who were struggling for ex: Shanae refused to judge a scantily clad woman or a guy dressed in baggy clothes and her reason was "how can i judge them when I been there just cuz they still there" that takes a lot of something to be able to realize that, also when Megan wouldn't call the drug crowd undesirables because her mother was a drug addict. So interesting and so deep how someone so isolated and rebuked by everyone could have so much inner strength to hold onto their beliefs at such a young age. Truly inspiring!

Also sad how two girls get caught up in a world and do bad things and are perceived as bad when they are not its their environment its what they are exposed to and what they r thrown into that gets them into predicaments. I believe the DaLai Lama himself if raised in East Baltimore would catch at least a few charges, but yet we expect misguided children to become super heroes of their own making = Highly unlikely feat. More power to those in such situations i hope they come out okay.

W.e the pic above is of Megan Jensen, she reminds me of OZ from On The Outs also a great film I recommend both...i thnk ima make a lil list of great films and post it

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Picture A World

Nearly everything causes me to re evaluate my life but nothing as much as this picture...don't u see it?? O-o... its all right there..
In other breaking news: I ate a quesidilla with salsa and left the salsa container on the table and a bug came and started eating the salsa..I wonder if it was too hot for him/her? o-O

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lunch Time

Yo Fat Sals pizza is bomb! Luh dis pizza and the brown dog that passes by here evryday same time is adorable.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I have finally decided

that i really dun kiier whoo looks or whet dey tinkin bout meh but ima live it uhp lmfaoooooo
who h life is weyy too short not to have an awesome time!!! gotta go get my pants and fix my jinga so i dun look 4576834 years old omg i wonder if I can try the Angola >_> yea perhaps not!! but perhaphs still!!

Oh Today Will Only Last A Day

So here we be this here Monday in No-Vember sheesh dunno what i wanna doo I am about to finish Barack Obamas Dreams of my Father and I dont want it to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I wanna keep reading about Obama's trip. Its soo interesting and the way he describes te experience and the characters is soooooo real lmao I mean of course its real but its really really real like I feel liek Im there and i can sooo understand the family bullshit and the drama and the many Mama's. I was dying when he went to go see his grabdfathers house and the picture of the white/"burmese" lady lmfaoo he shook his head at the fact that she looked liek his mother lmfaoo eww all his africans like the same type of white women bwahhhh! I wonder when he was dating his little white lady did she look similarly lol!! lmfaooo ughh i dun want this book to be over its soo open and honest and so relatable and soo funny.. when this book finishes Im gunna miss Auma thats like his favorite sister even more favorite than the one from Indonesia. ughh This book is soo Awesome Barack is a panther!!! So subtle so smart so suave So Glad he is the President!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pink Friday!

I cannot wait until Pink Friday.. this is totally something I could have tweets but here we goooo! This This Tanks giving I'ma be thankful hopefully for Nicki Minaj's new album it better be good I've heard good things.

En Este Aqui

Yayyy The Pastor of this church is a woman and she was wearing knee high boots and a skirt OOWWWWWW! This is my kinda church. The sermon was about bearing fruit lol and reaping what you sow. I guess i will sow good things and try to make good fruit o_O w.e good message, the only thing I was not clear on was being blinded by the world and working and not having ime for the church... bwaahhh! of course IIII was not clear on this part ...overtime???? Yes Please! hehe

Friday, November 12, 2010

I rele like this picture

Its not about the lipgloss and what it did for me its about the artistry! Owwww!

Every Twelve Hours

YO like word to everything I love every twelve hours this is what I see...fighting crime at night working by day isn't easy!

This Guy and his Butt

This guy was at the same Pizza shop from the previous post and he kept amd

Good Pizza

Shout out to my fav pizza spot on 9th ave!  Yesterday some guy came in bought $1 slice of pizza left ...had the nerve to come back complain about the slice he bought a few minutes earlier and be like it was nasty he wants his money back -___-

Me myself personally I think it is in poor taste to ask for a refund unless u have a roach or some kind of deadly chemical in ur food.  If u don't like the food then don't come back find a new spot.  This guy comes back makes a scene and starts yellin that the $1 pizza is nasty well he had no audience and there will be no uprising because not only would I expect $1 pizza to be nasty I don't buy it lmao for that exact reason please peep the top of the line slices above whaaahahaha!  Nah but they were delicious tho like rele! Thumbs uhp to da chef and shout out to the lil mexican pizza man who always put my pizza in the oven when I say don't warm it uhp.

Haha yesterday for the first time ever, he remembered when I ordered not to warm it uhp but that time I wanted it heated *bugs bunny voice* "ain't I a stinker"

Escalators and Human Nature

So this morning I was able to observe sum interesting behavior on the subway.  Everymorninf usually at 34th st the escaltor to the right goes up and the escaltor to the left goes down..simple enough we live in America we walk/drive on or right why not escalate the same? Right? Right.

So this particular morning for w.e. reason the escalator on the right hand side was turned off and the escaltor on the left was going uhp.  I saw a lot of people see the right escalator stopped walk away from and take the steps I saw other ppl walk uhp to the escalator se that it wasn't moving hesitate then start walking up the escalator meanwhile I am On the escalator right next to them qietly ascending and baffled.

Damn are ppl that programmed that when something like the direction of an escalator changes they can't make appropriate adjustments???? What does that say about society mentally...emotionally???? No wonder everyone divorces and we all have hang uhps we cnt even adapt to the switch in escalator direction o-O weirdos we r true certifiable weirdos! 

I wonder if the results would be the same in a diff culture.  Other odd subway behavior: walking uhp/ down escalators u r alredy moving why the need to move faster? Also if u wanted to limb steps and be rocky why take the escalator why not take the steps??? 

Further .. the ppl who choose to take the crowded escalator then choose to walk then get annoyed when someone is standing on the escalator...I'm sure the steps would not have been crowded and they would have been able to *meep meep* in peace as fast as they wanted -____-

I'm returning to my home planet if condiitions here to not swiftly improve

Coney Island Renovated

Coney Island this summer was cute I didn't get on anything but I like the renovations looks cute new attractions ..I must say the food was slackin this summer but the positives outweigh the negatives The wonder wheel is still spinning ..not sure if that's a good thing lmao

Car Shopping

Car Shopping Think I'm gunna go with the '91 Delorean