Monday, December 27, 2010

This Weeks Flores

I like them a lot ..this seriously never gets old..there r so many types of flowers and diff combos this could go on for years. Lol

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bridges to Terabithia

I watched Bridges of Terabithia with my cat today! That was important ... QT

The Company Party

The Comapny party was soo much fun it was nice to chit chat.

Funny stories r the best u never realize how much u live or aren't living until u hear a good funny story.

Lols tiramisu, steak(I'm not proud of eating meat) and lots of other pasta stuffs.  The restaurant was beautiful ...*good times*

Speaking of good times usually u don't fully appreciate hw good they r during its usually when u look back u realize what u had after the moment has already passed. 

Welp that's enough wisdom for the day. Hehe

This Weeks Flowers

Yea as u can see I've been busy today was the first day I got with a little free time so everythings pouring out lmfaoo.

Passing huge milestones is always easier with flowers!  Awww.

They really help!

My First Dinner All By Myself

My first dinner all by myself for a large group whoo hooo!!! I usually help make dinner but I did it solo that night I was so proud of my work.  Dinner for 15 solo *check*

Bout to head out on the last and prolly the bestest journey of the yr

Whoo the stress was high but I made it through a last minute shopping fiasco @ toysr us then hopped on the train to head to the city to hop on a bus to head to another city= the story of my nomadic life.

Lmfao I made it to Port Authority in time to get to the atm then get tickets then get on the bus with no time to spare on my wey to have a great time with family n friends.

Yasheesh I can't wait till the morrow!  Maddd more stuff to do but some of the rush will be over and my bags slightly lighter.

Uhp bout to tune out on the best ride every the turnpike at night during the winter is spiritual I promise like I bet seeing the turnpike at night in the winter is equally as moving as seeing the Northern Lights lmfaoo well they r to my city pigeon butt! 

Hehehe Bon Jovi here I come!  Ohhhhhh I'm half way thereee

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don't Like Lugging

Do Like giving it feels great I get so excited when someone likes my stuff :D its like rele? Rele u think I'm fashionable??

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is always the prettiest when its brick freezin cold and u can't bare to stand out there for more than 2 seconds.  This fountain is amazing. I really really like I almost got frost bite taking this pic but it was totally worth it.

How Cute is this Dragon=?UTF-8?B?Pw==?=

This is soo adorable! Lols Dragons must have existed t some point cuz too many ppl talk about them perhaps that logic is a hot mess but w.e.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

OH What a Morning

So I arrive in the realist district ever still asleep after enduring an almost hellish bus ride.  It was cold the outlets didn't work for the first half of the trip and this stinky chatter box behind me talked the whole trip and she had Doo Doo Bref 4 days I hope that smell ain't get into my clothes #damn! 

But Nicki Minaj is keeping me sane as usual :D

And its really winter and the streets r empty no tourists everybody is in bed the metro is runners and ppl who have to be out. Lols #goodtimes ohh and I ain't even get to talk about my busy azz night last night lmfaoo yoooo I was a multi taskah!

I came home like 7 49 didn't change take my coat off or nuthin transitioned right into domestication started doin laundry then finished that went and got a Birthday cake for a Bum then went right into cleaning/packing/ xmas shopping organization finally getting to bed at like 1 40 only to rise @ 4 56 -___- lmao bu yow ya bitch got ADHD on a whole nova level.

Friday, December 3, 2010

At Least I Have Nicki Minaj

To keep me company on this long ass line -___-


FAIL!!!! Why is the post office always a half hr trip they should have automated certified mail machines oy!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I love Them!

They actually make me smile lmfaoo my silly ass learned another lesson focus on u and dun be worried about other ppl smgdmfh why does my karma always come like on some cartoon fed exed instant message -_____-  I will never!

I Don't Like Goodbyes

Goodbye desk! I will love u forever!  I hate Goodbyes but I love Hellos to progress! :D