Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Upgrade Nearly COMPLETE

Okay so I did cop the concealer that I wanted well >_> actually in all truth I would have preffered revlon cuz that concealer is BOMB but Loreal concealer and the tru Concealer will have to do.  I did not get the revlon cuz they didn't carry it in my color *duane reade ur wack*  and I felt brown and ugly and discriminated against I never kno whether its because brown ppl don't call in to have it ordered in stock or if its racism >_> ITS RACISM because I doubt that the local white shoppers had to call and ask the store to carry their make uhp color porclain colored make uhp is a staple everywhere -____-  *murmers nigroid displeasure with the world* lolz >_> so mayyybeeee I will call several duane reades and have them order a darker complexion cuz that's hella wack and its 2010 blk gurls wear plenty of makeup why don't we have any options in the stores ...that's messed uhp I shouldn't have to shop in the ambi section just cuz I'm not caucasian.

But neways enuff about freeing the people ....I got a refill on my blotting tissue its a hundred sheets for twelve USD I needed it cuz my face = GREASE

ALSO I dunno why but those shoes r cute *shrugs* we shall see when I get them if they r comfy :D. Seeeee ya lataa or ttyl w.e.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Taco Bell

So yea I ordered one taco supreme that took forever to come and it was pretty good now I'm bored on my lunch break waiting to go back to work ....

Monday, March 29, 2010

How cool is this=?UTF-8?B?Pz8=?=

I'm an artiste

Elevator thoughts

So next week I def wanna get a new concealor new shoes maybe I dunno w..e some improvements in addition to the makeuhp I wanna sign uhp for nyrr and start excercising more w.e. we shall see

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Laundry finally I feel so fresh and so clean clean

Lolz the only thing about it is I have to hold the dryer door shut lmfaooo smh they need to fix this dryer dor

I Got on the Wrong Bus

-________- So this morning was a Straight fiasco! It started when my express bus was running late and when it= (the wrong bus) cam and I got on it ughh so I"m on the QM 11 instead of the ten but I don't realize that this is a problem until instead being in miwn manhattan I was passing south street ferry and battery park along with a lot of water OoO I was like nonononono not now not this morning lmaoaoaoao I fought the urge to ask where the bu was goin and expose my hotmess situation lmfaoo.  I played it ear and did well I got off at water street and hannover near wall street, I used my way finder app to find the nearest subway line and asked some lady where the nearest subway was lmaoaoaoaooa I walked from water street uhp william st to the wall street two and three station and rode the three back into the city lmaoaoaoaoa it was such an adventure I felt like an ass while I was on that bus bus I remedied the situation rele quickly and quietly I don't think anyone could tell I was totally lost lmfaoaooaoaoaoaoaoaooaoa I guess the lesson is to pay attention when boarding an express bus lmao on the other hand it is soooo cool and old world down there it reminded me of the Bone Collector (awesome movie) hehehe

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tryna Eat healthy!

I am really really tryna cut meat out of my diet and do the vegetarian thing maybe even vegan but we shall see

Monday, March 1, 2010

Kindle cont.

  • So yea it got delivered before I even woke uhp it was tons of funit was sooo easy and it was alredy registered to me I rele like my kindle. Its perfect not to big like the dx and now I am waiting for my gel skin to get here *cannot wait* I decided a gel skin was way cooler than a whole clunky and bougoiusieLol I was sooo determined to get a kindle jacket in a store instead of online this equaled madd walking for no good reason and of course I didn't find anything I did find out that sony e reader is wack and their cases don't fit the kindle but seriously I'm so gased and my kindle is extra awesome great buy so glad I got it I feel smarter alredy hehe

Mah Kinnndle

I got mah kinnnndle *does cabbage patch* 8 got mah kinnnnndle I kept thinking about it for like a week and then finally on Saturday at the last minute and randomly around one I ordered and it got delievered overnight