Monday, April 26, 2010

Gym Today

I'm so hype in shape here I come !!! I have my full body analysis which includes my real age and my body fat index. I cannot wait so anxious like genuwine lmao who remembers that song??

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Yep Yep time to tone uhp get in shape n all a dat good stuffb I'm so happy with my new gym it has everything O was lookin for so hype :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Target Sleek

Soo Target has new sleeker sexier eco freindly carts they feel better too they have a soft rubber grippy feel too them and they are always cold feeling I like em!!! Hehe.


Lmaoo. I had the other top that said representing the street with all the same charcters lolz Sesame Street is thee greatest childrens show ever!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lunch @ US Post Office Steps

Such a cute place to have lunch when the weather gets nice it looks like beaches where the sea lions go to mate lmaooo it rele does get vthat crowded but this lunch from like ....Monday this week a.k.a yesterday was fun

Bestest Weekend Everrr!!!!!

So I must say this was an awesome weekend soo awesome that I'm just now getting around to tell yous about it ... so starbucks awww my spot to plot all things this is like my favorite starbucks all the most important decisiones ever made by me were mostly all made here in this corner ....

What? You dont take Metrocards here ?

Lmfaooo so Thursday I was rushing to get lunch and u go uhp to the register and hand my metrocard to the lady to pay.. so the lady turns around in a hurry and swipes my metrocard to the card reader and starts busting out laffin I was like O-O and then she turns around with my metrocard we both had to laff at that, soo lesson learned :
  • Don't rush when paying for stuff
  • Don't pay for stuff like ..lunch with ur metrocard lmao


Sooooo last week Mrs. Professional learned how to Velabind hehe yayy velabinding *check*  taking over the Universe *soooooooooooon* :)

Lunch by Herald Sqaure

So I decided to have a trendy lunch with a trendy friend out in Herald sqaure I also had tastydlite ice cream *sex in the city* lmao *namedrops* and lunch out by bryant park last week *bryant park is where fashion week is held *   ^_^  I also use grey poupon lmaoo JK but this lunch was cuuute :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I wannit I wannit!!!!

This IPAD IS SOOO AWESOME LOOKING but they won't have the wifi +3G ones available until late April! BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!..gosh the injustice is unbearable ughhhhhh Personally I believe if the  Apple store on fifth ave can be open 24/365 then they should carry the amazing wifi + 3G IPAD model that I want w.e.  it will be in stock in late April. WAMP wth is "late April" neways??? Welp this means I will be on the phone everyday after the 15th asking if they r in stock yet lolz *bugs bunny voice* ain't I a stinker lmao

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hot pants!

So I went into strawberry"s on my lunch break and picked out all kinds of plastic and spandex hotpants and this top thnk goodness when I tried this FAME ensemble on my common sense came back I left outa there with some purse and a cute but uneccessary watch.  ;y the time I got back to work my conscious was gettin to me and I wanted to take back alll the impulse crap I bought and that's exactly what I did save for a oo cents strawberry eco shopper yayyy !!!! I didn't impulse shop ...permanently

Ima Gerbil Babay Mama!

I found this Gerbil running in the laundry room on my way out to the mall,  it was so cute I put it in a box and went to the pet store to get a house/ cage for it it was just too cute to be homeless.  -_- now it needs a friend since gerbils r social animals and become depressed when living alone so now I will have TWO random gerbils -_- w.e. no use in saving this one if its gunna be miserable and depressed.  Btw this ones name is Atlantis!  I like my Atlantis and Atlantis likes paper towel rolls and strawberries :D dunno what I will name the second one gotta meet it first  will update soon tho

Jamba Juice!

Five fruit frenzy taste like a fruit roll uhp smoothie lolz the best especially on a hott humid NYC dey like today!