Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I bore

As I sit barefoot (indian style)*  at my desk

*racist description and I totally Know better

AHh the olde blogs

I love blogs, like when I tell you I think the best thing the internet ever encouraged was blogs im so serious.  Never mind mapquest, or any other feature not even the access to the how to type of info cuz blogs are wayyyyy more interesting.  A few years back when I first started blogging I was soooooooooooooooooooo into reading blogs.  I was an addict.  I would on a beautiful summer day, willingly and very happily stay home peruse mad blogs comment and just hangout in cyber space and i thought it was soooooo much fun.  Looking back its unbelievable lol, every now and then I go to peek at one of my old time faves and usually the blog will be stagnant. 

Like everybody either deserted their blog all together and possibly started a new one or several others or just plain grew out of the whole blogging thing.  I think I'm like an old g now as far as frequency with my updates and everything.  Most other bloggers even if they do still sort of have an active blog they r updating like three or four times a year now as opposed to like twice or more a week.  Sheesh I hate when habits just like old friendships do this.  It sucks, v_v I wish humans in general could be better individuals and stick to things they start like all those vacant blogs out there in cyber space its like floating dead bodies its weird.  I cant help but wonder what happened to these people.  Its a particularly hurtful kind of wonder, like a blog especially a personal one is somebody's life somebody's story, somebody's legacy, when it just stops being updated its erie, like why not leaving a forwarding link, or say in your last post that u hate blogging and wont do it anymore its bizarre, I dont think I could do that.  In my blog I have a twitter connected so even if I did stop blogging my twitter would let u know what I was up to and even even neither of those let you know you could always send a message to which I would respond pretty quickly.  Its like weird to me to just abandon a blog its like a piece of you. hmmm 8runs away never comes back*

lmfaoo don't you love when people do that!?!  Bash something to hell and then do exactly that lmfaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoao

btw I finally finished Valley of the Dolls I loved it!!!!!  It was soo good and soo real and sooooooo down to earth and it taught lessons.  Its like you cannot control what others do and u cannot let what they do control you oh well *life in a nutshell* I tried watching the movie on netflix as soon as I got home yesterday but i lost interest i didnt understand teh casting,  Anne was brunette = HOW THE HELL R U GUNNA EXPLAIN THE WHOLE BOOK SHE IS CONSTANTLY DESCRIBED AS BEING BLONDE -__- bewwwwwww

so i lost patience and passed out swimming had knocked me on my donkay hours earlier its a wonder I had even tried to do that. lmao  welpszas toodles.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Beach Day

This weekend at the Beach was awesome I don't think I will ever stay away from the beach this long again. LOL will be there this weekend most def! and the week after and the week after that and eventually it will be rele cold v_V so I will have to wait lmao  but in the meantime im tryna chilll lol.  This summer ended up being spectacular I thought cuz Im vacationing in the fall it was gunna be one of those summers ya know like bleh its hot but not rele much going on.  it actually turned out to be pretty nice.      Summer is now my fav season.  It makes a huge diff how you spend your time, if your attitude is bleh then your life will be bleh if your attitude is YAYYYYYY then your life will be YAYYYY lmfaoooo and yes that the best way I could describe it.  But this may not even be true just my little belief. im still reading Valley of the Dolls bwah haha the book is getting a little depressing at first it was adorable how everyone was in the big city they were young and everything worked out for them now they are all getting up in years and all of them seem unsatisfied and still searching for happiness and they all have money now like lots of it.. None of the main characters ever have to work again ever but they still don't have the happy sweet home life they always wanted with some kids and decent husband.          Damn that's a depressing story for an aspiring XYZ to read cuz coming up all you think is missing is wealth and fame (if your into that sort of thing) but to hear about ppl who have all the clothes they could ever imagine, more money than they could ever spend and still aint happy and no kids dayummmmmmmm oh hell,  I wonder how women received this book when it first first came.  like were the poorer women glad and thankful about their own life and like u seee look at them?  or were they even more doomed to find out that money, beauty, and fame really dont solve your problems. 

You know who I don't like though..Neely her ego is unreasonable for someone coming from her background.  Like why and how could you show your ass that bad and ruin your own career/life?  Its bizarre to me, and I identify with and understand Anne the most well her and Jennifer  I understand where jennifer is coming from too but I dont get her frigidness and lack of love, Anne's either. And Kevin just done pissed me off, all this time Anne wants to be married and he's playing her out, now he has a heart attack and his impotent ass wants her marry just so he can be sure she wont leave, I rele rele hope she doesnt marry him, cuz he was triflin and played hee life and wants to keep her without having any kids cuz he dont feel like it and his kids wont like it= HOT MESS but now he's a useless no good impotent old good for nothing man and now he wants to marry,  shocking!  Anne should roll out str8 up lmfaoaoaoaoaoaoaoa

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Discoveries this Week

I wandered down by China town and Little Italy and spied out like five awesome looking spots to eat xD then yesterday I discovered down by Bowery an awesome hotel and chill spot that I'm sure will come in handy this amazing summer.

I alsoooo discovered the McChickn at McDonalds,  its sooo delicious HOW COME NOBODY TOLD ME!?!  I have never in all my years on this planet gotten a chicken sandwich from a fast food restaurant and I had a taste for chicken, nasty fried greasy chicken preferably nuggets from Wendys but Wendys was not in sight and I was hungry, and McDonalds was right there and there nuggets are whack so I was like ...wellll the McChicken looks aiiight ima try that... and pow! match made in heaven this is like my fav junk food now. :D Whuudah thunk it!

Valley of the Dolls

So I'm reading this book,  DONTCHU JUDGE ME! and I don't really know how to feel about it.  its a great book its good its really really unique and interesting in the way that it speaks the fears and troubles specific to women of a certain time and real talk even today.  its deep my only issue is I can't tell the authors while reading it i can't tell whether the author agrees that a woman should use her body and looks to marry up and benefit her financially over choosing a marriage based on love, or if the author is showing the reader that this is what this girl did and look how she turned out.  we see that the girls make mistake and I make it a point to learn from their error even though they are just fictional characters.  

I don't get whether the point is don't look for love search for advancement and resources for your children or if the message is don't be the property of a man live your own life.  :/ I'm also not clear on the whole attitude towards sexuality in this book,  should women own it and use it to their advantage or to their whim or be traditional like Anne...and in Jennifer's situation is her mother right for what she is doing?  Like is she correct for breaking her up with her boyfriend and sending her on a mission to marry a rich person and lying about her age and all that? its just bizarre.  All of the unions in this book are totally superficial I don't see any genuine heartfelt attachment in any of the couples except for mayyybe Anne and Lyon but even there its not a deep relationship and everything is rooted in initial attraction and their beauty is mentioned a lot.  I wonder what message the author is trying to bring across by presenting so many couples that aren't really great companions for one another but with the women thirsty for marriage before they get too old and men eager to settle before no one wants them or before their barganing chip is used and no pretty younger stupid girl is willing to marry them or just willing to settle when they believe they have come across the absolute best female specimen they believe they can get.

So does the author believe that male female relationships are inevitably this shallow and there's no point in trying? or is the author being flipit and portraying the irony of how shallow and ridiculous the characters limited beliefs are??

w.e will update my opinions when i finish

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guy's Shoes that are cute!

These are soo cute me rele rele like

Cute Shoes #7465760770

I love these I cant wait until they are released in september. :)  my fav are the deidras and then the Tembi's then the tramore's


Bullsh*t! Shennanigans!

We are separating unlimited DVDs by mail and unlimited streaming into two separate plans to better reflect the costs of each. Now our members have a choice: a streaming only plan, a DVD only plan, or both.

Your current $19.99 a month membership for unlimited streaming and unlimited DVDs will be split into 2 distinct plans:

   Plan 1: Unlimited Streaming (no DVDs) for $7.99 a month
   Plan 2: Unlimited DVDs, 3 out at-a-time (no streaming) for $15.99 a month

Your price for getting both of these plans will be $23.98 a month ($7.99 + $15.99). You don't need to do anything to continue your memberships for both unlimited streaming and unlimited DVDs.

These prices will start for charges on or after September 1, 2011.

You can easily change or cancel your unlimited streaming plan, unlimited DVD plan, or both, by going to the Plan Change page in Your Account.

We realize you have many choices for home entertainment, and we thank you for your business. As always, if you have questions, please feel free to call us at 1-888-357-1516.

–The Netflix Team

This is the second time in liek 6 months taht Netflix has gone up on prices the first time I didnt mind cus it went from 17.99 to 20.00 and considering that I do unlimited streaming and dvds i thought it was reasonable now its going up again in such a short period i mean now im where's the ceiling on this?? Of course a three dollars difference isn't the end of the world but if you think of it in terms of Universal Maxims where will it stop?  Is it gunna go up my three dollars every three months?? By this time next year it would be between thirty and forty dollars in two years it will be like seventy dollars a month and at that point not worth it. -__-   also I am fulling aware that i signed into an agreement where they say they reserve the right to change the agreement any way they want any time they want but this is like really really whack!!  It shouldn't go uhp again anytime soon thats like rele aggravating!  As a service provider they should pick a price and have the decency to stick to it for at least a  year before going up.  raising prices back to back like this is dumb! and it looks seedy every few weeks Im getting an account info change email -__-  w.e. this whole set up is a sinking ship -_- bleh!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Decidedly Resonably Indecisive

You How You Leave SOmething Behind When you're out shopping and ten you get home and realize whata  great deal it was and then you want to go back and get it?  Yea taht happened to me yesterday but the thing about it is wondering whether taht was a good decision to leave it behind??? and was it? cuz after all you are now making an extra trip to go get something you could've gotten in ne trip, and on the other hand you were being frugal and I guess one would figure I dont rele need this right now so im gunna put it down = reasonable,  and then you think well I will go home think about it and if I do want it then I will just come back.  That is also reasonable,  damn our fickle brains and how humans are so indecisive.  But indecisive ad reasonable at the same time...Reasonably indecisive...decidedly reasonably indecisive!  yea thats it..well this type of decision making process is whack and I wish I cold make these decisions faster! a lot faster!like immediately and then never look back with any regrets lol or having to come back to said store to get something I could have gotten in one trip .. its time consuming,  but then again shopping is this Milenium's  hunting :/

whut ever! shooo!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dear Reader

I love writing to you, I feel like we are connecting, I know somehow that even though most of you are rachett nosy sneaky snakes that slither on here read and don't have the couth to comment *~_~*...that you  somewhere somehow appreciate my little log of meaningless events on this planet :D ...and that makes me happay! So howjudoin!?!  Howjomamadoin?? Howjobabydoin???  *(whispers) i wont mention the baby's daddy I know how you get*

but yea read comment, write back update me, interact. you know if u wanna if dont thats cool too v_v *its not rele cool* lolol but yes this is soo much fun dumping how I feel and think and what I want out into cyberspace,  lmao  im sure this is some sort of technological pollution but until its outlawed:

Like about three weeks ago at like 8:30 at night after working all day and doing laundry I get the stupendous idea that roller blading would be an amazing form of both transportation and exercise.

-__-     *you already know its about to be sum sh*t*

So by 8:45 I was on my way out to target to check out a pair of blades to get NOW and until I found a pair of fancy ones that I loved.  Also Modell's was closed because apparently normal humans shop during reasonable hours BOOO TO NORMAL HUMANS!!  SO I get there try them on and don't like them..first of all the wheels are way to hard, there's no ankle support and they are adjustable = epic failure, BEGGING FOR INJURIES, wamp!

SO naturally I'm not satisfied and put the roller blades back in the box and back up on the shelf.  I go home get there its time to settle in and sleep.  I settle in and right before I'm about to go to sleep I need to get my cell phone plugged in so it will be charged to wake me up in the morning.  I then realize after searching everywhere for like a half an hour that its not in my house.  So Im like noooooo I must have dropped it outside which basically means its gone forever.  So I accept this fact and lay down to go to sleep and as soon as my head hits the pillow I have these visual flashes of my cell phone being at the store and now that I'm thinking about it I dont remember having the phone after the store like not all all not to check the time or nothing, which is odd cuz im a cell phone teretes sufferer *meaning my ticks require me to touch my phone even though I have nothing to do on it*

SO then I realized I must have left it at the store.

So now its all clear as soon as I wake up I'm headed back to target to get my phone.  Luckily for me the need for an alarm it totally superficial.  Both my soul and endocrine system have accepted the fact that I am a wage slave and I now naturally get up at five -__-

So I get up and at 'em and get to target.  I first ask if anyone found a phone, no one knows, so I walk down the aisle don't see it, then I try to remember which box of roller skates I took down last night... lucky for me I'm a sloth and the box I took down is the only one out of place cuz I was too much of a bum to put it back where it belonged.  I open the box and there it was :)  not only was it there but it was still charged lmfaoooooooo and I had a message :) I felt soo special.. of course this high plumeted when I called several friends to share the great news and funny story, I called my besties up you know the super reliable ones the ones who are always there, the ones you can count on for everything... yea after I went through a list of five of those and no one picked up I just took my a$$ to work grateful that I didn't have to pay t-mobile however much to replace this lil dookie terd of a phone :)


So there are probably about 25 blog entries entitled Lazy lmao but here goes another one.  When I tell you I've been slacking on my ab workouts it is such an understatement.  i woke up this morning and touched my toes and collapsed back to sleep.  And that was my morning jump start lmfao. = FAILURE OF GRAND PROPORTIONS Oh well I'm about to look like a Jerry Springer guest in my bathing suit this summer and me no cure!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

key To Living as told by a bum

the key to living is when you hear the saying there is always someone better to not accept that as a universal truth but to be challeneged and want that m*her F*kers name to show him/her how its really done!

Chewable Poopers

So im on this whole healthy kick thingy going to the gym everyday swimming, my life has become a really long tampon commercial... and a part of that wonderful experience includes adding fiber to my diet... there are sooo many benefits from having enough fiber and folic acid in your diet.. So I now eat these colorful little cheweable tabs that really don't taste so bad :)  they are like really big sweet tarts.  They taste pretty okay as far as chewable things of this sort go.  I would reccomend that you not get the store brand for whatever reason Benefiber has this chewable game on lock!  thats all i will eat, i mean im stuck with a box of not the best tasting Rite Aid store Brand strawberry flavored Chewables lmfao that taste like pink baby powder, but the picture looked pretty and i didnt believe at the time that artificial strawberry could ever taste bad..boy was I betrayed that day.  But I wil give you an update 100 chewable tabs from now on how that went lmaooo -____- reale this sucks tho

By the way

If you owna  kindle or have kindle app on your computer, i phone, droid, or i pad search and subscribe to my blog :) on Amazon and PLEASE take the time to leave a review even if its just a smiley face yay!!

Toning or Shaping up

SO I am a huge fan of shape ups I mean die hard,  like I love walking and since discovering these shoes I basically refuse to wear anything else.  they are sooo comfortable!!!!
No other shoe measures my opinion.  Recently I got a couple new pair for this summer my ones from last summer are blown out, lmao I mean to say that I wore them out is such an understatement, they are now smitherines ...yea thats how bad it is... and they're leaning, -_- one might question how could a shape up shoe lean well the answer to that grasshopper is wait till you see how much walking I do on the regular lololol! 
But yea so I got the ones in the two top pictures.  the Brown ones I actually got in Black leather, and the third picture is of a pair I liked but after I tried on it wasn't comfrtable o practical. 
The heel height on the third pair versus the low cushion on the ball of the heel made for an awkward placement of my foot and not enough support under the ball of my foot which any walker knows is bad news and callouses waiting to happen -___- so i left the little snake printed cuties a the store lol but the other two are awesome and very very comfy. :) Im is happys
oh and btw sketcherz are they shape ups or tone uhps cuz i have shoes that say tone ups in the heel and another pair that say shape uhps -_- im confuzzled also my size magically changed from a seven to an eight and when I brought them home the new sandals to investigate they are the exact same size>>>>  Sketcherz has not issued any type of notification that their size charts have changed -__- retail I tell yea!
I I wasn't so OD and tried on EVERYTHING  and over inspected products and garments for damages like tears and loose stitching i'd be pissed right now cuz i wouldve wandered into the stor ein hurry snatched a size 7 "knowing" that it was my size based on prior experience and came home and had a major hangover
oh well as usual buyer beware tootlez and i think I have to catch you uhp on other junk going on in my existence too lol bya