Sunday, May 26, 2013

whoo whoo i likey this app if it works :)

whoo whoo i likey this app if it works :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Summer bag

I ended up getting this one which is the one that originally caught my attention in the first place, Love it its the perfect size for a traveling, multiple alter ego having  bum like myself :0)

This summer you can find me at...

Any ona deez events and shout out to all the native New Yorker living here and don't do a dayum thing in this great city -____- no but really I do encourage you get off your mediocre, boring, lazy ass this summer and do something different, eat someplace you've never eaten, go someplace you've never been!

Dorothy West is...

Amazing I loved this collection of her uppity negroid short stories i would hashtag this entire book #lightskinproblems lmaoo great read though

This Book was...

Long good, informative, made me want to learn more about Dominican culture and superstitions interesting their view towards women, and also interesting Junot;s view of his African heritage.

one thing i would really like to point out! BIG UP TO JUNOT DIAZ FOR ALWAYS HAVING MORENAS IN ALL THE LEAD ROLES!!!!! and always praising how beautiful they are, this is a huge deal I appreciate it :D!!!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

I Ruined my Stockings

thanks rough glitter shoes ,-_-

I like It


This one is cute too.

Button Slouch

For more information about this product click here.

Summer Tote Possibility what I'm Leaning Towards

sent you this item from Michael Kors.

I like! This might be love

MICHAEL Michael Kors
MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Leather Tote

Kate Spade Bag

grove court michelle
grove court michelle

Meh Love Vittt

Meh love itttt Meh Love it Meh Love itt
Madison Leather Phoebe Shoulder Bag
Item Name: Madison Leather Phoebe Shoulder Bag $398.00
Style number: 24621

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Natural Makeup Removers

Betcha didn't know you can remove remove make up with coconut oil, olive oil, and even Crisco, I'm sure you can use vegetable oil too, and even baby oil but honestly I don't endorse the baby oil.  I swear by the coconut oil though I love!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coconut oil I use it as a lotion, and now as a makeup remover :0)

BTW that coconut oil posted is my favorite brand but really any and all of them work just fine, actually this new one I got on sale is odorless so if you dislike coconut aroma or dislike th eidea of smelling like a coconut (especially with the summer coming) than one of these types would be better for you.